Located in the best area of lisbon


This project has been developed based on the acquired experience of Novas Ideias as a Travel Agency, whom have been working with community groups and organizing this kind of events for several

Project's main goals

  • Secondary accommodation during JMJ /23 in Lisbon
  • At Clube Belenenses sports complex
  • A preferential location in Belem Lisbon
  • Ideal infrastructures and facilities for this event
  • Security and privacy
  • A young and relaxed environment
  • Camping tent supply



Prices / Booking

For JMD-23 in Lisbon there will be 3 packages starting from the 31st of July to the 8th August 2023. Each booking period must be within these dates.

  • Packages for 5 nights – 200,00€ / per person
  • Packages for 6 nights – 225,00€ / per person
  • Packages for 7 nights – 252,00€ / per person


  • Tent accommodation for 2 or 4 people
  • Breakfast (daily)
  • Toilet and washroom facilities
  • Security 24h00
  • Reception and inform­ation desk 24h00
  • First aid medical st­ation
  • Complementary tent at the end of your st­ay

Not included:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat

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Other Services

Bus Service

  • Transfers
  • Circuits
  • Visits
  • Excursions*

Bookings Service:

  • Restaurants
  • Tour Guides
  • Boat trips in Tejo River
  • Entertainment facilities








Portugal History

Relevant Facts

  • Portugal was born in Porto region.
  • Proclaimed its independence in 1140
  • Its borders are the oldest in the world as a sovereign country
  • Expands its territory through maritime discoveries in Asia, Africa and South America
  • Shared the world with Spain through the known Tordesilhas treaty in 1494
  • Becomes the first country to evangelize the Christian faith in this territory
  • As a Kingdom had three ruling dynasties (Afonsina / Avis / Bragança)
  • Suffers an earthquake in 1755 which almost destroyed the city of Lisbon
  • Becomes a Republic in 1910
  • Was under a dictatorial regime from 1926 to 1974
  • In 1974 the carnation revolution takes place and the dictatorship falls
  • In 1985 Portugal signs the accession treaty to the European Economic Community (EEC)